Brainstormr iOS app


An application in Portuguese and English to help creative blocking with focus on social media and digital strategy planning.

UX Design Process


My Role

  • Understand the main idea and translate to an ecosystem: mobile app and website;
  • Create the mindmap and flows to help all the team;
  • We focus on the app at this first stage and I draw the wireframes;


  • Mindmap;
  • Drafts;
  • Wireframes.

Core Team

  • Created by Daniel Sollero;
  • Developed by DynamoLogic Solutions;
  • Content created by Daniel Sollero and Mariana Wajnsztein;
  • Phrases editors: Fabio Rex, Vinicius Theodoro, Mark Cardoso and Keid Sammour;
  • Pedro Einloft and Fernando Weno;
  • Paul Burke;


  • Paper, Pen, Mindmap, Axure and Balsamiq.

Results / Challenges

  • Create a mobile app that doesn’t exist at this point;
  • We use the Oblique Strategies with reference to developing our app;
  • Create an ecosystem mobile app and website that’s mean you can upload content on the website and show on the mobile app and do the same on the phone too and show on the website;
  • Design simple and interactive navigation;
  • The mobile app helps thousands of creatives with blocking ideas;
  • Read more about this project in Portuguese: Brainstorm9

Final Layout

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