2022 a year in review

HEY, STAY SHARP! Slap on that mask and hit the alcohol gel before you dive into this ride!


To navigate the dual waves of COVID globally and in the Land Down Under, I traded more sandy moments for water captures. Big shoutout to life for tossing this golden opportunity my way.


This shift allowed me to absorb hands-on knowledge, amp up my portfolio, and serve up a snapshot of my year.


I seized the opportunity to elevate my aquatic skills with an Apnea course from the cool crew at Apnea Survival in Wollongong, all laser-focused on surfing.


I switched gears from capturing my Maroubra backyard to exploring NMRS, MBB, Cake Island, Models, and beyond. Conquered new peaks like Reds, Daggar, Ours, Ozzypipe, Suck Rocks, and others I hadn’t ventured into before.


I even took flight, entering the aerial world with a sleek new drone, buzzing around Australia.


This year let me sport a necklace with S.A.D. and capture moments with martial arts legends like Royler Gracies, Marcos Nevel in JJ, Luis Regis in Muay Thai, and Michael Rodrigues in surfing.


Dabbled in the world of street racing, joining the Marathon Photos Live team and snagging a gig on the Harbour Bridge—a once-in-a-lifetime hustle.


Thanks: Canon, Aquatech, Dafins, Gath, RVCA, ONeil, and DJI.


Dive into the highlights from this year, and I’ll catch you in the next one!

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