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The Deca brand, besides being one of the leaders in metal sales in the Brazilian market, is still the largest manufacturer in the entire southern hemisphere and has been active in the sanitary ware and sanitary ware sector since 1947.


Create a new website with new purpose and digital positioning.

UX Design Process


My Role

  • Presentation all the information and organizational structure on the website from the users’ perspective;
  • Developing wireframes and task flows based on user needs;
  • I followed the card sorting, consumer journey and usability tests conducted by Saiba +;
  • Collaborating with Designers and Developers to create intuitive, user-friendly website.
  • Make sure the UI Design following the UX Specifications;


  • Presentation of the purpose of the website after we cluster all the information we research during Auditing site content, Contact stakeholders, Interview stakeholders, Card Sorting application and Competition Analysis;
  • Created the new macro sitemap after we create the Positioning Matrix and Experience Architecture;
  • Design the Wireframe macro with Navigable Prototype to apply the Usability Test;
  • Make sure the UI Design following the UX Specifications;

Core Team

  • The responsible for the UI Design was Elano Collaço. He helped me to find a solution for the client and the final design interfaces;
  • Marcelo Chabes was the Planner;
  • Jaqueline Travaglini was the Vice President of Projects and Operations;
  • Itelios was the development team in this project;


  • Paper, pen, Omnigrafle, MindNode Pro, Freemind, Balsamiq, Axure and keynote.

Results / Challenges

  • We changed the platform WordPress to Drupal;
  • Mapping document all the areas the old website and re design to 4 groups of content to help the users navigate on the website;
  • We follow this project for 1 year minimum;
  • We simplify the navigation over all the website helping the user find the information easier;
  • The project was think to be responsible: mobile, tablet and desktop;
  • We reduce the 6 steps to see the details of product to 3 steps or 1 step;