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4G – Claro

Claro Brasil is a mobile, satellite-television, fixed and broadband telecommunications operator serving Brazil. It is controlled by the Mexican company América Móvil, one of the largest mobile phone groups in the world. The operator is in the market, in the second place, having 58.954 million customers.


Claro will be the 1st company to lunch the 4G in Brazil. And ask us to create a hub website where the uses will find everything about internet 4G in Brazil.

UX Design Process


My Role

  • Presentation all the information and organizational structure on the website from the users’ perspective;
  • Developing wireframes and task flows based on user needs;
  • Collaborating with Designers and Developers to create intuitive, user-friendly website.


  • Paper and pen;
  • Mindmap,
  • Navigation Flows,
  • Drafts,
  • Sitemap,
  • Wireframe,
  • Documentation and stress test;

Core Team

  • The responsible for the UI Design were Nasser Said and Fred Celestino. They helped me to find a solution for the client and the final design interfaces;
  • Pablo Moura was the Head of UX in this project;


  • OmniGraffle, FreeMind, MindNode Pro, Keynote, and Balsamiq.

Results / Challenges

  • It was the 1st company to lunch the 4G in Brazil;
  • Worked close to planners, project managers, social media, web writers, developers, and client.
  • We use decider to use the card interaction design to show the content;
  • the website was very successful to help Claro to show them the way the content to the users;