Murilo Lima’s Journey

My name is Murilo Lima, and since young, I have always had a strong passion for surfing and design. I started pursuing my dreams by making the decision to be a Designer, where I learned the basic skills and developed my passion even further. Over the years, I have continued to grow and explore new horizons in Design, including working in small and big companies and projects.

But beyond my career, I have always been interested in photography, surfing, and design and have always sought out opportunities to expand my knowledge and be involved in impactful projects. I believe that life is a journey of constant learning and growth, and I am excited to see where it will take me next.

My mission is always to seek out new challenges and opportunities to evolve both professionally and personally, and to continue pursuing my dreams and realizing my passions.

Sharing my experiences



As UX Designer I have to design the user journey, blending design, research & tech skills to create intuitive & fulfilling user experiences.


As Photographer I take to capture the thrill & art of surfing, showcasing the athleticism & spirit of surfers in dynamic & stunning images.


As Entrepreneur, I have to take calculated risks to turn innovative ideas into successful businesses, constantly adapting & solving problems in the pursuit of success.